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s υ я v ι v α ℓ σғ тнε ғιттεsт
Indominus Rex
" The Untamable King "

{ Hybrid / Female / 25ft tall / 50ft long / 14k lbs }
「 → scary-ass dinosaur / white / mega-bitch / turns invisible??? ← 」

The Indominus Rex is a genetically modified hybrid dinosaur, built by InGen as an attraction for the Jurassic World theme park. Created by splicing the genetic material of multiple dinosaurs and modern animals, the creature was intended to be "bigger and badder" in order to attract more visitors to the park. It could run up to speeds of 50-55 mph with its roar alone reaching 140db-160db, as loud as the liftoff and landing of a Boeing 747 airplane.


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